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number one.

Tuesday, February 17th, 2009

in an attempt to be more creative, make more artwork, and stick with my new years resolution from, oh four years ago i have done these things…

1.created a website for my photographs (well actually steve created the website)
2.purchased a printer (anybody want an image from that website?)
3. started this blog (she writes with hesitation)

* steve- thank you for spending countless hours designing my website from my sad little sketches of what i wanted it to look like…we make a good team. i admire your knowledge of computers. i’m sure you will be helping me with this blog as well.

*thank you epson for sending me the wrong printer (the R280 instead of the R2880). thank you lester from customer service for dealing with this issue. thank you epson for sending me not one but two 2880′s. i was only charged for one…received two. i am having a moral dilemma on what to do with that second free printer. so far its 1 vote send it back 1 vote keep it.

*thank YOU for reading my blog (hopefully enjoying it) and looking at my art.