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Wednesday, March 31st, 2010

While visiting the Contemporary Art Center New Orleans I found this amazing Art-O-Mat machine in the gift shop. For $5 you can own a small piece of art from this transformed cigarette into art vending machine.  After doing a little more research I found out that these machines are located all over the country and you can submit your artwork to be sold in these vending machines!! If your artwork is chosen you have to create a minimum of 50 pieces and you will receive 50% of the profits!! I heart mini things and I heart making mini prints….I might just do it!

Three Hundrend And Six…

Tuesday, March 30th, 2010

…Miles to  Philadelphia and I really wish that distance was much much shorter. Although if Pete, Katy, Katelin, Steve and I all lived in the same city I do believe that all of us would weigh about 100 pounds more then we currently do because all we do when we are together is drink and eat and drink a little (or a lot) more.

For this most recent visit Katelin constructed a google map of places to go and things to see. She likes to plan and eat…two reasons we get a long so well. We started off Saturday am at Cafe Lift.  I had browsed the menu the night before and already had my breakfast plate picked out hours in advance. I had the —> Cannoli French Toast   9.50
Challah bread dredged in a cinnamon vanilla custard, topped with bananas, chocolate chips, pistachios and homemade ricotta canolli filling. It was a little nugget of heaven! Whoever came up with that combo…I love you!

We visited the ICA @ the University of Pennsylvania where the current exhibit is artist Maira Kalman: Various Illuminations (of a Crazy World).  Here are a few of my favorite images…

I really loved the childlike quality of her work…the doodles, the found objects and the colors. Her work reminded me of one of my favorite books Bunny Bunny. Through out the book the author Alan Zweibel narrates a story of his friendship with Gilda Radner with the same childlike sensibility paired occasionally with doodles.

green tricks

Monday, March 22nd, 2010

Wandered over to Winston Flowers to buy plants for work. While admiring the fresh cut flowers I found these amazing green bundles of joy. I bought myself 3 @ $1 each! Then I had a rather funny conversation with the two women at the register.

Me – “Do you know what kind of flowers there are?”

Woman #1- “They are actually carnations! Aren’t they cool?”

Me- “Wow..really they are carnations? They are great”

Woman #2- “They are actually called green tits.”

Woman #1 & I laugh

Woman #1- “No they are not called that!”

Woman #2- Looking at the list of flowers taped onto the register “No..see right here…green tits” Then she comes over to the register that we are at and points to list. “See green….. whoops…they mis spelled it on my register”

Woman #1- “Green tricks is what they are actually called”

Me- “Sure glad you clarified this before I started to ask other florists if they had green tits in stock!”

Briggs. Seeds. Pots.

Sunday, March 21st, 2010

I took a little road trip to Briggs Nursery today on a search for spring inspiration. This place is a little slice of heaven! The main building is filled with every single garden accessory, tool & supply you could ever ask for. They have a seed wall…yes a seed wall. I didn’t know so many varieties of flowers & veggies  existed! If you are in the North Attleboro area definitely stop by. Briggs I wish you lived closer to Somerville…

Last year I started my seeds a little too late in the season. I had success with my basil but my tomato’s & other veggies not so much. I am determined to have better luck this year with an abundance of home grown vegetables. This afternoon I started tomato’s, basil, squash, scallions, chives, beans, spinach, & radishes! I have a mini green house from Ikea & I made my own little green house with the top of a cake plate.  I’ll keep you posted with their progress! I love sprouts!

Last week I found out there is a really really really long (like maybe six years) wait list to get into the community garden on my new street. I’m not letting it get me down! If I have to pot all my plants so be it! Martha Stewart Magazine pumped me up about making my own pots! In this months issue (I think) there is a great spread about how to make your own hypertufa pots! These pots look super expensive and modern but easy to make! I even saw similar ones in Briggs today for 24 bucks a pop! My favorite shapes are the square boxes made out of milk cartons and the semi circles made out of silver mixing bowls. I can’t wait to make them!

Who wants to make some pots with me??