digital + holga = love.

So i found a little digital magical machine!┬áThe Pocket Square Digital Camera can be purchased at Photojojo for $100.┬áDon’t get me wrong…i love my old school plastic holga, but the truth is I don’t the spare cash lying around to buy film….let a lone to pay for it to get developed. This import from Japan may have just saved wallet….why didn’t someone think of this earlier? Let me give you the run down….

3 photo settings

  • normal
  • macro

video!! they look like super 8!!

3 filters

  • vivid
  • noise
  • monocrome

It’s not so good in low light ( I may have tried to take pictures yesterday in doors at night…what?…I was excited about my new camera!), but neither is the holga. I can’t wait for the sun to start to say out a little bit later…so I have at least a few photographing hours after work!

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